USRA ROC/KECK Remote Workstation Manual

1. Log on to workstation

There are two identical workstations available for use.

  • Shake the mouse or tap any key on the keyboard to wake up the machines/monitors
    • Note: If you do not see anything the monitors or the machine may be powered off, press the power button located on the front bezel of the machine.
  • At the login screen choose either "keck1" or "keck2" depending on which workstation you are using and enter the passwords listed for each. Passwords are noted at each workstation.

2. Open and use VNC terminals

  • Once logged in to the computer, double-click on the “Terminal” desktop icon.
  • In the terminal window type "start_keck_viewers" followed by the information provided by your observation contact.
  • This will take several minutes and will then prompt you for the VNC password. The VNC Password will also be provided by your observation contact.
  • Enter the VNC password. It will prompt you to enter it twice to verify.
  • After a few minutes the VNC sessions should open for your observation to begin.

3. Observe!

4. Save data onto your own machine

5. Close out all terminals & logout

  • Close telescope control.
  • Navigate to the original terminal window used to run the "start_keck_viewer" script and enter CTCL-C in this window to kill the script.
  • Then type "exit" (or CTRL-D) to close this window.
  • Please make sure to log out completely.